CIA evaluates all types of industrial assets and inventories. We provide accurate values for auctions, liquidations or lender security interests. With knowledgeable and certified appraisers throughout North America, CIA understands many valuation aspects often overlooked such as: brand equities, intellectual properties and customer lists. CIA’s appraisers are certified members in good standing with the CPPAG.


Types of Appraisals


Detailed appraisal


Opinion of value


Desktop appraisal




Types of Valuations


Fair market value in place


Fair market value


Orderly liquidation value


Forced liquidation value




Why Appraise Your Equipment?


For refinancing purposes


For insurance purposes


For merger and acquisition purposes



To know the market value of your assets


To better leverage your assets






All CIA Appraisals Contain


Current market and industry trends


Appraisal methodology used


Detailed asset description and individual asset values




CIA Provides


Certified and accredited appraisers


Worldwide network of contacts


Asset based lending


Auction and liquidation services














Do you know all the options available for asset disposition?


Do you have excess machinery, equipment or inventory?




Appraisal Services


Machinery and equipment




Industrial and commercial real estate










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